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Introducing 5G Network Smart Television-Triple-Plan!

Smart Television 5gv

Smart Television Ultra-Fast Build In 5G Network

Mobilepcstv Smart Television 5gv

Standard SIM(15 x 25mm)

Micro SIM(12 x 15mm)

Nano SIM(8.8 x 12.3mm)

First Set Top Box Built On 5G Network

Set Top Box Built On 5G Network

Wireless Triple Plan!


The first global HDMI device with 5G Network MODEM

5G HDMI with ultra - high throughput wideband operation and low latency Pairs with 28GHz and sub -6GHz bands and mm - wave spectrum with compact chip kit Supports Key 3GPP 5G NR technology – low latency frame structure, advanced channel coding, massive MIMO beamforming.
Dual connectivity 4G/5G modem
PATENT PENDING: US20170193572 A1
By Manolo Rivera And Prem Makeig.


The first Smart Wall Outlet with 5G Network

A multipurpose Wall Outlet that provides electrical power including a standard wall socket and one USB port. Features a smart chip that recognizes and optimizes the charging of devices for fast and efficient charging.
Includes a Slot Sim Card which accepts SIM Cards from wireless providers, allowing the outlet to connect to mobile networks. Connects to 4G LTE and 5G technology networks to supply high-speed internet wirelessly or via Ethernet jack to any device in the home. Connects wirelessly to up to 12 devices simultaneously.
Repeats Wifi signal, utilizing 2 antennas to extend the signal's range by up to 300 - 2500 sq. ft. for improved Wifi coverage. Provides signal to places where standard routers do not reach effectively.
Stores photos, video, documents, and other data via wifi, Bluetooth, or USB port. Has an operating system with apps.
Compatible with multiple wireless, cellular Providers.

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ADVANCED WIRELESS IPTV SMART TELEVISION patent application No.16002700 this application is a continuation-in-part for US patent application No.14/599,345 filed on January 16, 2015 which is a continuation of US patent application No. 14/330,266 filed on July 14, 2014 that is a continuation of US patent application No.13/374,721 filed on January 10, 2012 which claims the priority from US provisional application serial no. 61/431,476 filed on 11 th January, 2011.
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